Open: Love, Sex & Life in an Open Marriage

Sex is on everyone’s minds—we’re talking about it, thinking about it, watching television programs and movies about it, reading about it, and writing about it. Open is a book about sex. It’s about sex within the confines of an open marriage. It’s about the many ups and downs Jenny Block has had as well as the consequences and lessons she’s learned from having made the decision to open her marriage. A decision that that just may have saved the marriage that she was struggling sexually to survive in.

Block explores the nature of the open relationship, why it works for her, why it makes sense for her and her husband, and why it makes so many people uncomfortable. This is not a memoir of cheating and regret, nor is it a glorification or cure-all. It’s a frank discussion of a practice that’s more common and popular than most people are willing to acknowledge. Open also touches upon swinging (which Block doesn’t do), polyamory (she is currently in a polyamorous situation with her existing relationships), and the various ways in which open marriage works for different couples.