The Revolutionary New Method That Truly Delivers Penis Growth

Every man’s deepest desire is to attract women, and nearly everything we do, from physical fitness and athletics, to the hard work put into a career, to the way a man dresses and what he drive, can be traced back to that motivation. But at its core, none of it matters without the one piece that really counts. Attracting women means nothing without the ability to satisfy them and keep them coming back. The fastest way to leave an impression on a woman in the bedroom is, when the moment is right, to unleash a huge, impressive penis that will drive them wild. On the flip side of the coin, the quickest way to ruin the mood is to have a long, intense buildup lead to the sad fact that you have to reveal a disappointing or merely average member.

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Getting a Big Penis Matters

Jonah Falcon has made a name for himself on the sole distinction of his claim to have the world’s largest penis. Since elementary school his peers in school and everywhere have marvelled at him and looked up to him with awe. He lost his virginity when he was 10 years old to an 18-year-old who was too blown away by the size of his penis to pass up the chance to be with him. He draws attention whenever he goes outside, making sure to show it off through his tight pants. He claims to have had over fifteen hundred different sexual partners by the time he was twenty-five. From underwear modeling to porn to women simply paying him to have sex with them, job offers and money have come easy.

This is an all around average man who isn’t in the best shape. He can best be described as portly. He isn’t tall by any standard. He doesn’t have movie star looks. But his huge penis has carried him through life. Having a massive penis makes things easy in ways you’d never imagine until you experience it. Jonah Falcon never has to work in his life. He never has to worry about the chase, the everlasting search for partners. He never even has to worry about pleasing women – they are in such awe of his massive penis and have such excitement for it that they will eagerly take responsibility for anything that is less than perfect about sex with him.

What About Having A Micro-Penis

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Jonah Falcon are the unfortunate group of men who have the rare and dreaded micro penis. Micro penis is the term for a penis that is 2.5 deviations from the average penis size. Although many men with small members think they have the condition, a penis of about an inch while flaccid counts as an official micro penis. The cause of micro penis can be hormonal or urologic abnormalities that a man is born with, or other unknown genetic defects. Having a micro penis was once considered to be so devastating to a man’s life that gender reassignment surgery was the standard recommendation for patients who were diagnosed with the condition. The idea behind such a drastic decision was that doctors felt that a man would never be able to find a place in society with such a small penis.

A micro penis is the height of sexual frustration and it stands out as the most extreme example of everything that make life less fulfilling for a man without a huge member. Women who have been with men with a micro penis tell horror stories of not feeling anything during sex, stories of men too insecure to even have sex, and stories of men who become enraged and lash out as they are overcome with their insecurities about their micro penis.

At best, a man with a micro penis can hope to learn to please a woman so well in other ways that she is willing to overlook the lack of a usable penis. Men with a micro penis become masters of cunnilingus, kings of going down on women. Many relationships are entirely based on oral, and completely without actual sex, because the woman simply doesn’t feel anything. These men find that they can never truly satisfy or be satisfied during sex. They can never have the sort of all out romp that everyone fantasizes about. They can never truly take control in the bedroom and watch the effect their moves have on a woman as they drive her wild. Their micro penis holds them back from all the joys of sex that most men take for granted.

The amazing thing is, when you pause to think about it, every single problem, every aspect that brings difficulty and misery to a man with a micro penis, every single drawback and every cause of mental anguish and hopeless frustration, is only the extreme version of every drawback of a man with an average sized penis.

Average Penis Sizes Are Almost As Bad

Just like men who struggle with a micro penis, a man with an average sized member will never know the exhilaration of truly wearing out his woman, driving a woman over the edge, going all out – and all the way in – until she simply can’t take anymore, and she crumples, breathless, fully satisfied for the first time in her life. A man with an average sized penis will never know the thrilling feeling that comes every single time a new woman sees it for the first time and is shocked, intimidated and excited all at the same time. A man with an average sized penis can only dream of the feeling of the select few men who get women into bed just because they found out how big he is and can’t help themselves from wanting to try it out.

The word average is synonymous with words like mediocre, decent, and bland. Nobody gets excited over anything described as average. People don’t line up for an average burger or average coffee. People don’t stress and strain over getting into average schools or getting average jobs. Average is fine if it’s all that’s available, but nobody really wants average.

Just the same, women don’t want average dicks.

Penis Size Facts

The key to escaping average is in the numbers. Only 2.5% of men are longer than 6.9 inches. Anything over 7 inches is larger than 99% of all men. If you can break into that elite club, or even come close to it, your sex life will change dramatically. You will be in a league of your own. Women will instantly know they can’t get anything like it anywhere else.

Breaking into that club will draw women in the most basic way: It will show in your confidence and the way you carry yourself. No man in such an elite class can hide his confidence. Women can sense when a man just knows he has what it takes, and they are drawn to the subtle swagger that stands apart from the empty bravado of most men.

Plenty of men learn how to compensate for their average penis by refining and perfecting their technique, but compensating will never be a good thing. Compensating means there is a limitation, a barrier, that some men will never break past or be able to reach beyond. Women want to be with men who are equipped with something special, something rare and something unique. When those men also perfect their technique, nothing can compare.

So a man can never truly be okay with having an average member. Women want to be with the biggest and the best.

How to Make Your Dick Bigger Than Other Men

There is finally a true solution that can pull every man up to the next level, a level most men thought they’d never reach, or are ready to give up on reaching. Seeing the vast array of disproved methods of enlargements can be depressing and disheartening. It is even worse for men who have tried one thing after another, only to see no results time after time.

A man can end up feeling even worse about himself at the end of these attempts at enlargement than when he began. Going through all of the hoax methods you see advertised everywhere can leave a man exhausted, realizing that he wasted countless hours he can never get back and essentially flushed unhealthy amounts of money down the toilet. Any man can easily take the failure personally, thinking there must have been something wrong with him, or the way he used the product. These mass advertised methods of penis enlargement can be far more damaging than they are helpful.

Of course the classic hoax methods of penis enhancement are well known. From horrible contraptions such as pumps that have no medical basis and do nothing but take time out of your day, to pills that have absolutely no proven effect and might as well be the air you breathe in, the classic, tired fake methods of enhancement stay around year after year for the simple reason that men are desperate for a larger penis. As long as the earth is still turning, men will jump on any bandwagon that promises a bigger penis, and tell themselves that if it doesn’t work, they must have used it wrong, or maybe the next thing they see in an advertisement will work.

But if these methods that have been around for decades worked at all, every man in America would own a pump, or have a stash of pills. The hard, plain truth is that they won’t make your penis grow a single centimeter, and the people who peddle them don’t care, because either way, they’ll sit back as the money rolls in.

Start Natural Penis Growth At Home

There is an exciting new program that is more transparent and more research driven than any of the huge variety of methods and products that have been offered over the years. This program is truly based on biology and medical facts, rather than the vague ideas and hoped that inspired things like pumps and pills. You can easily research and verify everything that is set out in this program for yourself. This program delivers results, true, verifiable, undeniable results. This is unlike any of the hoaxes. The hoaxes, the pills and pumps, which prey on the desperation of men who want nothing more than a huge penis, shrug their shoulders and blame the man when their product doesn’t work, and sit back and count the money.

This program offers a true, complete 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t get the results you want in 60 days, you will get back every cent you paid. If you find yourself unsatisfied with some other aspect of the service or the delivery, you will receive every cent of your money back. Of course, there is no responsibility to make this money back promise. If this product didn’t deliver actual results, the company selling it would have to be the worst businessmen that ever walked the earth. Every unsatisfied and unfulfilled customer would demand their money back and the company would be left with nothing but empty pockets.

The growth of the penis stops at puberty, and just like height, it has been long accepted that there is simply no way to restart growth. But Tom Candow has come up with a system to show any man how to put his body’s own processes to work for him, and break through every barrier of growth that was supposed to be finished. Candow discovered these methods from working with scientists on his own journey to make his penis larger. Candow set out determined to find something beyond the same, ancient methods that don’t work, and never accepted that they were they only ways. Now, he is sharing the method that worked for him, and putting a 100% money back guarantee behind the new program.

The first part of this breakthrough penile enlargement system is the use of stem cells that are already inside the body to direct the penis to grow.

Stem cell technology first caught the attention of the world when Dolly, the cloned sheep, the first true clone known to man, came to life and science fiction became reality. Dolly was brought to life from a single aging mammary cell that was implanted in an egg. The egg reprogrammed the cell, and turned it into something completely new and different, and something it never would have been.

The power of stem cells is that they can become any other cell. A stem cell is a piece of clay, ready to be molded into whatever may be needed.

Stem cell advances have come with a great deal of controversy in recent years. Most of the controversy has to do with the source of the stem cells, which in some cases have been reported to come from aborted or otherwise disposed of fetuses.

This leads to some understandable ethical concerns anytime the words stem cell come up. It makes many people uncomfortable, and with good reason considering what most people are exposed to in the media. But the benefit of these claims in the media is that the field becomes more and more transparent and anyone can easily look through and see what is happening in the field today. The use of embryonic stem cells, those that came from an embryo, or a fetus, was always a practice that was frowned upon, and existed only on the fringes of stem cell research, and only because of a lack of access to better methods.

Stem cell technology and knowledge has advanced greatly since those dark days, and it is an absolute certainty that no babies will be harmed in the course of your penis enlargement, and the reason is simple: this program is going to teach you how to use the stem cells that are already inside your own body to work for you. Once you harness the power of those stem cells, all doors are opened.

If you raise the level of stem cells in your body, then direct them towards your penis, new growth will be spurred like never before.

There are a group of surgeries that fall under the heading of phalloplasty. From penile lengthening and widening, which involve an unnatural feeling transfer of fat from other parts of the body, to pubic and scrotal lifts and liposuction to make the penis simply appear bigger (which won’t fool any woman in the world), many of the techniques are simple hoaxes, a way to take your money and make you feel a bit better temporarily.

The next part of this penile enlargement system is completely natural. It comes down to taking control of your own body and it will benefit your overall health in every way imaginable. A strong exercise regimen cause a wave of effects throughout your body, and among those effects is the natural boost of human growth hormone.

As we all know, most of our significant growth comes during puberty. This is the time when everything on our body, especially the genital areas, undergoes drastic changes and growth. The penis develops and transforms from something insignificant and childish into the fully grown member we will carry for the rest of our lives. Tracing the biological processes that cause these changes in the human body give insight into what can be done to spur new growth. It all traces back to something called human growth hormone.

You may have heard of human growth hormone in the news in recent years. Several athletes, mostly baseball players, were found to have been taking supplements of human growth hormone to enhance their strength, effectively using it as a steroid. That is absolutely not what this program does.

Many athletic supplements are simply an extra dose of something that is already produced naturally in the body. Anything can be abused however, and unfortunately, many of the controversies that involve illegal supplements give a bad name to certain hormones and other naturally occurring elements because they are abused by athletes looking for the next edge over the competition.

When these hormones are produced naturally by the body, they are perfectly healthy, beneficial and of course legal (you can’t ban something that’s perfectly natural). This second step of the penis enhancement program aims to naturally and cleanly stimulate the production of human growth hormone in the male body.

This is not a new concept. Dwarfism is treated in adolescents by injecting human growth hormone. If the levels can be raised, growth can be started.

This program will lead to twenty to twenty five percent growth in human growth hormone in the body without ever taking an injection or anything else unnatural for the body.

These two methods each work with the systems of the body to enhance size. When combined and done exactly according to this program, they work with each other and feel off each other to maximize the body’s potential and bring out shocking levels of growth.

The human growth hormone reacts with the stem cells to produce more tissue in the penis. In a major study in the 1980s, 15 prepubescent boys, two of whom had micro penis, were given human growth hormone treatments. Thirteen of the boys experienced above average penis growth. The effects are absolutely undeniable.

These methods can enhance the size of any man if they’re followed with careful precision. Whether you have an average sized penis and want one that will make jaws and panties drop, whether you have a large penis and personally know the kinds of doors it opens and want to take that next step to having an absolutely shocking member, or whether you are one of the unfortunate few who have a micro penis and can’t find any satisfaction in sex, this program is designed and tested to meet your goals.

These methods must be carefully studied, because a basic explanation can show how the penis will grow, and grow at an astounding pace, but the details are what makes it truly work to its full potential. Anyone who works out, cooks, or does anything that follows a regimen knows that any deviation from the regimen will change how the program works drastically. If you start this program, and follow it exactly, you will see your penis grow almost immediately. Your entire life will be transformed and you’ll enjoy sex on a level you never dreamed of. Every second of delay in starting this program is another second of accepting an average, mediocre life. Whether you have a micro penis, a merely average member, or you are already large and want to break through to the next level, if you know it’s time to reach that next level of manhood, take a minute, follow the link below, and start your journey to a new, reinvigorated life.

How to Get a Bigger Penis – The Stem Cell Secret to Natural Penis Enlargement & Quiz