Jenny Block

Open: Love, Sex & Life in an Open Marriage
Spring 2008
Seal Press 

Sex is on everyone’s minds—we’re talking about it, thinking about it, watching television programs and movies about it, reading about it, and writing about it. Open is a book about sex. It’s about sex within the confines of an open marriage. It’s about the many ups and downs Jenny Block has had as well as the consequences and lessons she’s learned from having made the decision to open her marriage. A decision that that just may have saved the marriage that she was struggling sexually to survive in. Block explores the nature of the open relationship, why it works for her, why it makes sense for her and her husband, and why it makes so many people uncomfortable. This is not a memoir of cheating and regret, nor is it a glorification or cure-all. It’s a frank discussion of a practice that’s more common and popular than most people are willing to acknowledge. Open also touches upon swinging (which Block doesn’t do), polyamory (she is currently in a polyamorous situation with her existing relationships), and the various ways in which open marriage works for different couples. 

Jenny Block Wins the Lambda Literary Award

Open was awarded a
2008 Lambda Literary Award
in New York City on
May 27,2009.
A first-person essay about the win can be found on
Curve Magazine online.
Lambda Literary Award
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"If Block isn't the first woman to write about her lifestyle without using a pseudonym, she's at least the vanguard of a very small group."

Julia Allison

AM New York, Variations on Monogamy;
May 8, 2006

"In this honest and revealing memoir, Jenny Block dispels the common misperception that all open marriage enthusiats are a bunch of orgy-lovin' whores, freaks and horndogs (although some are, bless their hearts). Her thoughtful and matter-of-fact account of her journey to the perfect relationship reveals a simple, wholesome truth: there's nothing more normal than wanting to be happy."

Jen Sincero

Author of The Straight Girl's Guide to Picking Up Chicks

"She writes movingly of how her perfect marriage unraveled . . . Block is unstintingly honest in her depictions of an open marriage's sexual and emotional entanglements . . . Readers are likely to be challenged and provoked by this book's insights into the surprising fluidities in fidelity and sexuality."
Publisher's Weekly


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Selected Bibliography for Open

"Alternative relationship structures are no longer the domain of free-love refugees and counterculture dropouts. Open shows that even the most normal-seeming relationship can challenge the conventions of monogamy and survive, joyously."

Janet W. Hardy (aka "Catherine A. Liszt")
Co-author, The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possiblities

"Block skillfully blends her story with research on sexuality, monogamy, adultery, and divorce (sources wisely appended). She makes compelling arguments against the biology of monogamy...This honest and compelling memoir should spark a respectful dialogue about the underground status of open marriages. Some readers will feel relief, many will be aroused or curious, and others will definitely be insulted...This is brave, brave stuff, colleagues. Buy it. Read it. Love it, if you can."

Library Journal

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